Taming your Budgie

Finger Tame Budgie Their are many different schools of thought to taming budgies and in my experience every bird is slightly different in how it responds to a particular method. I do believe that for the most part the key thing to remember is that you are gaining a creatures trust and to do this you must be gentle, soothing and patient when dealing with an untamed bird. My two current little friends were purchased from separate pet stores as adult birds, mostly as a result of me being a big softy who felt sorry for these little creatures seemingly forsaken because they were too old. It was obvious that they had never been handled and that it was going to be a long hard road to willing companionship. I used the adult bird method with great success. Some enthusiasts advocate clipping a birds wings during taming to reduce the distance the bird can escape. I personally do not do this and will leave this decision to the individual. Never attempt to grab the bird! It must climb on you willingly.

Untamed Adult Birds

Having purchased two adult birds I first separated the birds to minimize their interaction between each other. Budgies are social creatures and do not prefer isolation. With each bird initially they were incredibly distrustful, flapping in a panic if anyone got with two feet of the cage. I started by sitting next to the cage while watching television for a few days and after the budgies became comfortable with me at that range I spent a few more days watching television with my hand resting on the birds perch for approximately thirty minutes at a time. By this time the birds had become more relaxed in my presence. From this point I would spend perhaps an hour a day with them (as individuals) slowly moving my hand towards them. Eventually they would allow me to place my finger against their chest, soon after they would rest a foot on my finger and then finally they would climb on. During all of this process it is best to talk softly to the bird soothing it through any moments of panic. Perseverance is advised.

Young Birds

Young birds tend to be more adaptive and training sessions of an hour per per day are generally enough to win the trust of a young bird. Slowly put your hand in the cage and wait for the bird to settle down, talking softly to it the whole time. As with an untamed adult gently put your finger to its belly and wait for it to get comfortable. Eventually with the pressure of your finger the bird will climb on. Talk to it gently all the time while it is on your finger. After a few sessions you should be able to take the bird out of the cage and it will be less disposed to fly off.


Talk to any breeder or enthusiast and they will tell you that the ultimate tame Budgie is one that has been hand reared. There is no real taming process involved here as the bird is accustomed to humans by the time it is even capable of walking. Do not handle a budgie until it has left the nest box unless hand feeding is necessary! When the chicks leave the nest the male bird will feed them directly rather than the female. The female seems more likely to reject the chicks if they have been handled by humans.