Your Budgies Home

Budgie in a cage. Budgies, like people, are a product of environment and as such the choice of cage is important in determining how happy your little pet will be. For a single or perhaps pair of birds a generous cage at least two feet wide, two feet long and three feet high would be minimum starting point. The birds must have room to stretch their wings and flap in the very least and ideally they should be able to fly from one point in the cage to another unhindered. Flying is the budgies favorite form of exercise and the cage should be large enough for them to at least fly in short hops. I currently have five budgies and they are housed in a cage seven feet high and six feet long and wide. This provides them ample space for exercise and they often can be seen playing tag flying from one point in the cage to another.

If the cage is to be kept indoors as mine originally were care must be taken that the cage is in a part of the house that will not be too draughty or be exposed to excessive heat such as near a heater or air conditioner. The floor and the immediate surrounds of the cage will become covered in droppings as they are messy little creatures. The floor of the cage should be lined or covered in some fashion, I personally prefer shell grit as the birds require this to assist in their digestive process and it is easily cleaned however newspaper and the like should be avoided unless shredded as this may create traps for little feet to be caught in. Budgies, like most birds, require somewhere to perch and commercial perches are available to suit the smaller cages, in fact many come with at least two and any pet accessory store will stock additional perches if required. Sandpaper sleeves are available also to fit over the perch to assist in keeping their claws from growing too long and I have used them with great success.

If the birds are kept indoors in a smaller cage I recommend that they are allowed a period of time every day where they are allowed out of the cage to fly around the house. Of course make sure all doors and windows are closed and that other pets such as cats are removed from the area. It cannot be stressed enough that exercise of any pet is of importance to its overall health and well being.

Large outdoor cages are a joy to set up, allowing us an opportunity to mimic the birds natural environment. Bearing in mind that, particularly at bed time, the budgies natural instinct is to perch as high as possible to avoid predators an arrangement of branches can provide a pleasant setting for your bird to enjoy. Once again, care must be taken to protect your birds from the elements and the site and design of the cage must provide adequate shade and protection from the wind. If the site of the cage is in an open area then the side of the cage facing the prevailing wind should be solid and the roof also should be solid adjoining the solid side to provide shade. Budgies do enjoy basking in the sun so this need must be catered for also.